I’m a Klutz

By: Jill Finger

Dec 04 2012

Category: Uncategorized

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Focal Length:4.13mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 5

With the weather feeling like spring yesterday morning, I left my scarf at home when I walked.  I did wear a hat (major bed head) and gloves, but they came off after 15 minutes.  The sky was beautiful, lots of clouds and the pink surrounded me completely.  I spent so much time looking up, it was a miracle I didn’t trip over something.  I did end up falling in the ditch.  I was squatting down to take a picture of a neighbor’s driveway decoration and put my foot in the ditch, up to my knee and ended up falling over in the leaves.   I looked around to see if anyone was  watching, then brushed myself off and kept on walking.  I’m hoping the neighbors weren’t looking out their window.  There’s a reason I walk early—so no one can see me make a fool of myself.  Hopefully, it was so foggy,  it obscured my fall.  I’ll keep telling myself that.

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