Nutter Butters

By: Jill Finger

Dec 05 2012

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I have made not a secret of the fact that peanut butter cookies are my favorite kind.  My preference runs to homemade ones, so Nutter Butters hold no appeal for me, that is, until yesterday, when I found a recipe on Pinterest for homemade ones.  There is a craft fair and bake sale at Ten Broeck Commons, where my Mom is,  this coming weekend and I had volunteered to bake some cookies.  Reading the recipe I was astounded at the amount of butter in the cookies and also in the filling, so I changed it a bit.  I used a recipe for peanut butter icing that Tim’s mom gave me a long time ago and substituted it for the filling.  The icing is super easy.  Mix a 16 ounce can of vanilla icing, an 18 ounce jar of peanut butter and about 3 tablespoons of milk with a hand mixer until well combined. This icing makes a lot and I had doubled the cookie recipe and it worked out perfectly.

Peanut butter cookie heaven….. or not….. it’s definitely possible to have too much of a good thing.  The cookies are good, not too sweet, but very rich— peanut butter cookie overload.   I’m glad I’m donating them and I think I’ll stick with my regular recipe.

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