Spicy Curried Lentils

By: Jill Finger

Mar 11 2014

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Focal Length:4.12mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 5

A couple weeks ago Wes and I had dinner at Bonnie and Paul’s house.  One of the dishes Bonnie made was Spicy Curried Lentils, which was absolutely delicious.  Bonnie shared the recipe and yesterday morning I prepared it and turned on the Crock Pot.  All day, the house smelled wonderful and dinnertime couldn’t come fast enough.  The garnish for the dish is unsalted pistachios.  When I shopped, I could only find them in the shell, so I sat and shelled (sacrificing two fingernails) a half pound of pistachios.  Wes offered to help, but he really likes pistachios.  Dinnertime came and we enjoyed the curry over brown basmati rice, with oven roasted asparagus on the side.  I didn’t take a picture of the curry, as basically it’s brown lentils in a brown sauce, not very photogenic.  However, it was absolutely delicious again and we’re adding the recipe to our repertoire.  I haven’t used my Crock Pot much recently, but this recipe makes me want to investigate using it more often.  There’s something so nice about going out for the day and coming home to dinner already cooked.

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