By: Jill Finger

Apr 03 2014

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Focal Length:4.12mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 5

Jones and Elsa

Bonnie invited me to come see Jones and Elsa.  Every year the first grades hatch duck eggs and watch them grow for a couple of weeks before they go to their forever homes. The 36 eggs they started with, came all the way from Indiana. Duck eggs have to be kept at 99 degrees and at a certain humidity.  One day there was a power failure due to a car accident, so the eggs were transported to a friend’s house to stay warm until the lights came back on.   There were two ducklings left, and they had the run of the classroom where Bonnie works.  There’s a baby gate in the doorway so they can’t wander down the hall, but they did wander, always together, all around the classroom.  They are incredibly soft and make the dearest little noises as they walk around.  The classes are getting chicken eggs next, so I get to pay another visit.  Stay tuned.

2 comments on “Ducklings”

  1. We’re famous!


  2. So cute!!


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