A Day in Queens

By: Jill Finger

Apr 06 2014

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Focal Length:4.12mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 5

white crocuses

Wes and I went to Queens yesterday morning.  The last two times we’ve traveled down there, the weather has been rainy, but yesterday, while cool with wind, was sunny and gorgeous.  We ate brunch at a Chinese restaurant that served dim sum, lots and lots of different appetizer like dishes that you pick off the servers’ carts as they come by your table.  Daisy wasn’t with us for brunch as she was working, and we missed her and her expertise at this type of food.  We ended up with chicken feet, which looked like chicken strips and tripe, which looked like noodles, along with lots of other interesting foods that were edible.  The chicken feet and tripe weren’t–at least to our taste.  After brunch, we drove to Forest Park to check out the watering hole and see if there were any warblers, even though it’s a little early for warbler migration.  It ended up being a nice walk in the woods with only the usual, local birds spotted.  We then returned to Corey and Daisy’s apartment to pick up Daisy, who was home from work, and headed out to the Queens Zoo.  We all love the indoor aviary, Desi especially, as he runs on the boardwalk that circles inside it.  After touring the whole zoo, including actual blooming crocuses and daffodils,  we decided we were hungry again and drove to Astoria, Queens for an early dinner at Arepas Cafe.  Arepas are a kind of corn meal bread stuffed with lots of different fillings.  I had a seafood one, Wes had pork and I don’t know what  Corey and Daisy had, but Desi thoroughly enjoyed his mini arepas (basically a small corn pancake) topped with cheese, so much  that he had a second order and ate them all too.  We drove back to Forest Hills and Daisy, Desi and I did a little bit of shopping for a birthday gift for Desi’s friend’s party today.   The Barnes and Noble there is huge!  Wes and I drove home, getting stuck in traffic twice, once almost to a standstill, so our trip home took about 25 minutes longer than usual.  We didn’t mind, we had a great day and we weren’t in any hurry.


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