By: Jill Finger

May 03 2014

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What a difference a day makes!  I wandered all over our yard yesterday “rocking and bushing.”  That’s what we call it when you go outside after dinner and just wander around the yard, looking at what’s growing and how it’s doing.  The phone will ring as I’m finishing the dinner dishes and it will be for Wes.  “Hang on, I’ll go get him.  He’s outside rocking and bushing.” It always draws a laugh and some people have picked up the phrase to use themselves.  Anyway, I was rocking and bushing, and there wasn’t much new happening.  Then, Friday I went out again and stuff that wasn’t anywhere near blooming, had bloomed.  The bridal veil next to the garage is gorgeous!  The violets are opened all over the yard.  What was interesting is there’s only one dandelion.  I’m sure there will be more, but for now only one.  Maybe tomorrow, there will be a whole bouquet of them.


2 comments on “Blooming”

  1. Wes and I started the rocking a bushing after John and I were first married . Wes was living with us for a short time and we would tease John about rocking and bushing it. John would always have to go outside after dinner and wander around the yard and check things out! The pictures are very pretty! Nice to see blooms after a long winter!


  2. […] house to film them doing the ALS challenge on Sunday afternoon.  While there, we “rocked and bushed” in their garden and I managed to get a picture of this cooperative butterfly.  Wes and I studied […]


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