By: Jill Finger

May 15 2014

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Wes and I have been talking about moving for a while.  We have a two story, 4 bedroom home and we certainly don’t need that much room.  What kick started us on the moving idea again was seeing a house that we both have always liked go on the market.  We called Paula, a real estate agent we had used before, (and my friend Cathy’s sister) and she showed the house to us last Saturday.  We both loved it, loved the layout, the property and the size.  What we didn’t love was the price, but we were hoping the seller would negotiate.  On Monday evening, we went there again, armed with a support team.  Jonathan, who does and knows construction,  Wes’ brother John, who knows plumbing and heating, and Bonnie and Paul for advice and critical eyes.  It turns out the house has some major flaws that we couldn’t over look, so we decided not to pursue buying it.  Paula came home with us to get a look at our house and work on a price we could ask for it.  Meanwhile, she advised us to start readying it to put on the market.

We started with the entry way coat closet.  The shelf in the closet was piled high with games.  We sorted: some to keep, some to trash and some to sell at a yard sale.  That was relatively easy, so in the afternoon, Jessie, who was visiting that day, and I, moved on to the bathrooms.  We cleaned out the cabinets underneath the sinks and the closet in the upstairs bathroom.  It was easy too, and the bathrooms are ready to pack, when we do decide to move.  Wednesday morning, Wes and I started in the tiny bedroom upstairs that we use for storage now.  We were both unprepared for the emotional toll doing this kind of cleaning and sorting takes.  There are boxes of pictures of our children and grandchildren that are impossible to part with.  I have all my Aunt Lo’s knitting and crochet needles.  While I don’t do much knitting and crocheting now, preferring quilting, I will not be able to get rid of them.  That room is packed with a lot of our history, and while I know I can take whatever treasures I want with me, we do have to downsize, so hard decisions have to be made.  I also know that having memories is more important than “things”, but sometimes the “things” trigger memories that would have been totally forgotten otherwise. These decisions are not going to be easy.

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