Empire State Building

By: Jill Finger

Jun 02 2014

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Focal Length:4.12mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 5

looking down


On Sunday, Wes and I drove to Queens to visit Corey, Daisy and Desi.  We all took the subway into Manhattan for a visit to the Empire State Building.  But first, we needed some sustenance, so we had a wonderful lunch in a Korean restaurant.  There’s lots of different tastes and textures to try and I also discovered it’s really hard to pick up tofu with chopsticks.  After lunch we walked to the Empire State Building.  The security to get in is similar to airport security, except you don’t have to remove your shoes.  After snaking our way through lines we rode the elevator to the the 86th floor.  We went outside and were able to walk all the way around the building, admiring the views in all directions.  Our tickets were good for a further elevator ride to the 102nd floor too.  The perspective was different up higher, but we weren’t outside, but looking through glass, so my pictures didn’t turn out so great.  The pictures posted here were taken on the 86th floor.  It was Wes and Corey’s first visit to the Empire State Building.  We had planned to go last November, but the day was so cloudy and drizzly, we didn’t go up as there would be nothing to see.  Desi was upset that day because he’d been looking forward to going up for weeks, that Daisy took him up, so he’s been there twice, and he’s only four.  Wes had to wait 67 years, but he said it was worth the wait.   We finished the afternoon in Manhattan with frozen yogurt (and a quick stop at City Quilter for me) and took the subway back to Queens.  After coffee and/or water, we took another walk to a park near their apartment.  It’s a weird sensation, being in the park, looking at birds and spring flowers, but being surrounded by traffic sounds from the expressway.  All in all, a wonderful day. Wes and I enjoy exploring the city with Corey, Daisy and Desi.  It’s always a lively and exciting and it’s nice to come home to the country.

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