Apple Butter

By: Jill Finger

Oct 16 2014

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Focal Length:4.12mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 5

On Facebook, I like a page called 12 Tomatoes.  They post several recipes a day and most, if not all, of them sound delicious.  The first one I tried was apple butter cooked in my Crock Pot.  I peeled, cored and cut up 6.5 pounds of apples and cooked them until soft in 2 cups of apple cider.  After dumping them in the Crock Pot, I added the spices and left it to cook on low overnight (12 hours)  In the morning, I added the lemon peel and vanilla and took the top off, letting it cook for two more hours, topless, to thicken.  I ended up cooking it for 4 hours topless before it thickened enough, but that was okay, as the whole house smelled delicious.  Afterward, I used my immersion blender to break up any remaining lumps of apple and make it smooth,  The picture shows it packaged in small quantities to freeze and with a molasses cookie dunked in.  I may not share this with anyone–it’s that good!

As you read this, Cathy and I are in Lake George at a quilt retreat in the Wingate Hotel.  We drove up on Thursday morning and are staying until Sunday afternoon.  I wrote this blog post on Tuesday evening to make sure I had one for Friday.  I’m sure that the hotel will have WiFi for me to use, so there will be blog posts on the weekend, probably with pictures of us sewing feverishly and eating.  In case there is no WiFi, I’ll be back on Monday with a weekend update.  Now that I’ve thoroughly confused myself  and probably all of you, I’ll sign off.

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