I’m a Weight Watcher Again

By: Jill Finger

Nov 23 2014

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Wes couldn’t believe I was going to do it–join Weight Watchers a week before Thanksgiving.  I had an appointment with my doctor last month for a check-up and I had gained ten pounds in the past year, making my cholesterol jump a bit.  So, it’s lose the ten pounds and improve the numbers or go on medication for cholesterol.  Weight  Watchers it is… I had my mind set to go, so even though it’s a week before a major food holiday, I joined.  I’m eating power foods, drinking lots of water and avoiding sugar.  I also set my watch alarm to buzz at 8:oo pm as a reminder that eating is over for the day–a cup of tea is fine, but no more food.  It’s funny how it works. The alarm goes off and I immediately think,  “no more food.” and that’s it, I don’t want any.  Wish me luck.

One comment on “I’m a Weight Watcher Again”

  1. Good Luck Jill!


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