Gratitude Jar

By: Jill Finger

Jan 04 2015

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reusing the  Christmas tree


Recently,d I have read several different blog posts about a gratitude practice.  From writing in a daily journal to publicly posting on Facebook, there are many different ways to express gratitude.  The one we have adopted for this year (and by we, I mean Wes and me, but I’m not sure he’s entirely on board) is a gratitude jar.  It will be on a shelf in our kitchen and I hope to jot something down daily that I am grateful for and drop it inside.  I have also read of parents keeping a jar of bright sayings from their kids or just something that they want to remember.  Our gratitude jar will encompass all these things and whatever else we want to make note of and drop inside.  My intent is to keep the jar going for all of 2015 and read them next New Year’s Eve.  Then I can tape the ones I want to keep into my journal.  I feel anything that makes me stop, notice and feel grateful for my wonderful life has to be a good thing.  I  hope our jar is brimming over at the end of the year. (And I also hope that some are in Wes’ handwriting) 

Our Christmas decorations are down and mostly put away.  The tree is on the deck providing shelter for birds. We get our money’s worth from our tree!

One comment on “Gratitude Jar”

  1. I belong to a group on Facebook that was started by one of my school friends after she was diagnosed with melanoma and is now an amputee. I don’t post everyday but it is good to make yourself aware of the things you are grateful for. She never thought the group would grow so large! There are well over 500 people and some from different countries.


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