By: Jill Finger

Jan 11 2015

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Focal Length:4.12mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 5

Jonathan as a plumber

Last week Wes noticed that our kitchen faucet was leaking around the base.  We unloaded the stuff under the sink to find it was dripping down the pipe too.  Jonathan looked at it quickly and said it probably needed a new O ring and he would fix it on Saturday.  Long story short, we needed a new faucet, and the pipes underneath needed replacing too.  Jonathan and I made a trip to Lowes and purchased the supplies.  He spent the next hour under and over our sink installing.  It looks much better under and over, shiny and new.  As a side note, everything underneath the sink got cleaned out.  I was amazed at how much bubble stuff I had!  Thanks, Jonathan!

One comment on “Faucet”

  1. Jonathan is a good son and nephew!


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