And It Didn’t Taste Good at All!

By: Jill Finger

Jan 17 2015

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Focal Length:4.12mm
Shutter:1/205 sec
Camera:iPhone 5

Usually, I can tell by reading a recipe whether it’s going to be tasty. That’s what attracts us to recipes, right?  The ingredients look good and sound like they’ll cook up together well.  Once in a while, I get fooled.  I oven roasted butternut squash, mixed it with some herbs and spices, added broth and whirled it in the blender.  Then, I cooked whole grain noodles, adding some finely cut fresh broccoli in the last two minutes of cooking. Then, mix noodles/broccoli with the squash mixture.  It’s supposed to turn out like “macaroni and cheese,” but much lower in calories and fat.  Being Wes and I both love butternut squash, broccoli and noodles, how could we miss? Well, we could.  As we were cleaning up after dinner, Wes picked up the recipe and asked me if he should throw it out.  Enough said.

Andrew was quite intrigued by the nutmeg grater (he called it a scraper) and he just had to try it. I love the focus on his little hands.



One comment on “And It Didn’t Taste Good at All!”

  1. Not one of Jill’s finest for sure


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