Squirrel Feast

By: Jill Finger

Jan 18 2015

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Last Tuesday, I bought a fifty pound bag of black oil sunflower seeds in Adams.  Wes carried it in the house, but unbeknownst to us, the bag had a hole which the store had taped over.  While he was carrying it from the car, the tape came off, and he left a trail of sunflower seeds behind him.  I noticed the trail before he carried it up the steps, luckily, so we didn’t have a trail right through the house.  The sunflower seeds actually helped with the ice on the path, giving us a little more traction, so that’s a good thing. Yesterday morning, we stood by the dining room window and counted 14 squirrels feasting on the seeds. (in my picture I think there’s 9) Now, with the seeds being reduced to shells, they stick to our shoes and end up in the house anyway.  Arrrrghhhh!!!

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