By: Jill Finger

May 21 2015

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Focal Length:4.12mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 5

irisWes and I did a bit of “rocking and bushing” yesterday afternoon.  He had separated and moved the iris bed last fall, and while they are growing, it doesn’t look like we’ll have any irises in the front garden this year.  In the back yard, next to the lilac bushes, there is also a small patch of irises.  There were three flowers with a heavenly fragrance—enough…licorice plant

We had never seen a licorice plant, so had to buy it and see how it does in our yard. In the week since we bought it, it grew a lot, and was putting out vines.  So, instead of planting it in the garden, Wes put it in a hanging pot and set it on the deck railing.  The leaves are a lovely shade of gray green, but the name–licorice plant–gives me a craving for these.

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