Out the Back Door and in the Front

By: Jill Finger

May 28 2015

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Focal Length:4.12mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 5

pansyIt was very hot yesterday afternoon, as I’m sure everyone knows.  I was machine quilting the borders on my farm quilt in the family room.  We had the air conditioning on, but machine quilting is labor intensive, so I was warm, in spite of the fan I had in the doorway to blow any extra coolness in.  Once I finished the machine quilting and left the family room, I cooled down quickly, to the point of being chilled, probably because I had been overly warm.  So, I grabbed my iPhone and headed out the back door, to warm up and to snap some pictures.  Our basil is doing well, mostly due to Wes being  diligent with the watering can.  The tiny plants in with the basil are parsley coming up from seeds.  The purple pansy in the pot on the railing is gorgeous and I enjoy looking at it from  the window over the sink.  It almost makes washing dishes a pleasure. (Notice I said, “Almost.”)  budsThis New Guinea Impatiens had two beautiful flowers on it yesterday, until one of the fat green caterpillars struck.  Wes picked it off, but the flowers were history.  Never say die,  there’s lots more buds coming.columbineThe columbine is sparse, but what there is, is intensely purple. I continued my warm up walk in the front yard…..red flowersto snap a picture of these red flowers, whose name totally escapes me (and Wes too) at the moment.  I was going to sit on the front porch and continue warming up, but it started to rain.  There were only a few big fat drops for a minute or so, then bigger, heavier ones drove me inside.  Another minute, and it was pouring.

One comment on “Out the Back Door and in the Front”

  1. Dianthus?


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