Another Ordinary Friday

By: Jill Finger

May 30 2015

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Focal Length:4.12mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 5

AndrewWes and I were sitting outside while Andrew dug up the gravel pile, when we noticed a chickadee flying in and out of the bird house.  Wes checked through the binoculars and sure enough, there’s a bird sitting on eggs with just a bit of her beak sticking out.  It’s the first time this bird house has been used and we’re excited about it. 

Andrew appears pensive sitting in the gravel pile or is he just contemplating where to dump the next pailful?morning glory vinesFrom my lawn chair I snapped pictures in several directions.  These are the morning glory vines left from last year.  This year’s crop are growing well so I guess I have to get this fence cleaned off. leaves

Sunlight on leaves, making them transparent. salad spinning

When the sun traveled around to shine on us, it got hot–fast!  So, we came inside to make lunch.  Andrew had to help with the salad spinner. sweeping

After lunch, I put him to work sweeping the pool deck.afternoon ice cream

When Natasha came home from school I asked her what she wanted for a snack.  “Ice cream,” she answered with a grin.  She was very surprised when she actually got ice cream.  I’m a very bad Gramma. dinner out

After the kids left, Wes and I went out for a bit of dinner at Kodomo.  He had Pad Thai  and I had stir fried fresh veggies with shrimp.  The restaurant faces west, so the curtains were closed as the sun was setting.  There was just a ray of light shining on our table and highlighting my dinner.  The rice got a little washed out, but the rest photographed okay.  It was very yummy too! I didn’t snap the ice cream we had afterward.  If  there’s no picture, the calories don’t count, right?

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