Another Typical Friday

By: Jill Finger

Jun 13 2015

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Focal Length:4.12mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 5

construction fenceFriday is our usual Andrew (and Natasha) day.  He enjoyed a pumpkin pancake with veggie sausage and an hour later a bowl of granola with no milk.  Then we drove to Adams where he had to check out the construction.  A few minutes later, in the store, Andrew saw one of the construction workers with his hard hat on and asked him if he was a fireman.  Same shape hat. chillingWe drove through the car wash to get some of the disgusting  caterpillar droppings washed off.  He chilled in the back seat while the car was being washed. ducklingsOn the way home we stopped by Liz and Joe Hernandez to buy some eggs and Andrew had to visit the ducklings with Joe.chilly hugWhen Natasha got home from school they went in the pool–briefly–it’s still only 70 degrees.holding her noseNatasha only jumped in once all of last year, but about ten times yesterday. taking the plunge
She’ll be a fish by the end of the summer.warming upAndrew’s shivering and looking a bit sleepy too.  What I didn’t take pictures of is playing Frisbee, digging in the gravel pile, Play doh and a few other things.  Wes and I were a bit sleepy too!

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