Opus 40

By: Jill Finger

Jul 06 2015

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Focal Length:55mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

sculptureWes, Corey, Daisy, Desi and I visited Opus 40 yesterday.  Wes and I had been there a few times for Easter sunrise services, but had never explored it. Corey had been there, but Daisy and Desi hadn’t.  There are beautiful sculptures scattered throughout the grounds.hidden paths

Narrow passageways that are at least 15 degrees cooler than the outside are fun to explore.hidden pathway

Desi liked the passageways. gorgeous curves

The flowing curves are very pleasing to the eyes and for some reason, soothing. dead end

Corey and Desi walked to a dead end.  Notice Wes’ red shirt behind the evergreen.Bumpy to the rescue

Wes “rescued” Desi, while Corey walked back. Daisy and Desi explore

Daisy and Desi explore some of the walkways. stone rabbit

Wes spotted the bunny from a distance. rock sculpture by amateurs

When we climbed to the top, it looked like many people had tried their hand at stone building. Desi attempts sculptureSo, of course, Desi and I had to try too.  It’s a lot harder than it looks.

We ate lunch at a picnic table under a tree, with a lovely view of the sculptures.  

There is also a museum with some of the tools Harvey Fite used in the construction on display and a small gift shop.

It was a wonderful way to spend a few hours, outdoors, in good company, exploring a man’s life work.

I adjusted the color in the first two pictures a bit.  They were a bit washed out from the bright sun.

One comment on “Opus 40”

  1. Amazing things can be done when you put your heart and soul in what you do!


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