By: Jill Finger

Jul 08 2015

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Focal Length:4.12mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 5

We were thinking about what to do with Desi yesterday afternoon.  We changed our minds about our first idea of walking to the Saugerties lighthouse when rain was predicted, and I can’t say I was upset about that, as I hate even thinking about being outside in that humidity. Wes thought of the Kaleidoscope in Mt. Tremper, so after lunch we took a drive. It’s a 60 foot tall converted grain silo that houses the kaleidoscope.  We bought our tickets and the proprietor let us into the room.  There were weird  uprights to lean against with adjustable neck braces so you could look up at the ceiling in relative comfort.  On the proprietor’s advice we laid on the floor (we were the only ones there for that showing) and the floor was more comfortable than those uprights looked. I tried not to think about how many shoes had walked where my head was, but figured I could always shampoo, several times. The show was a ten minute history of the United States done in kaleidoscope and set to music.  It was fun figuring out what part of history was kaleidoscoping (I know that’s not a word) I recognized Abraham Lincoln, our flag, pot leaves, among other things–(it was a loose history) When it was over, the door opened automatically into the gift shop. Desi liked the looking through real kaleidoscopes available for purchase.  The Emerson Resort and Spa is part of the whole complex and there are several other, very pricey stores there too. mountain viewWe stepped back out into the humidity and meandered past the resort back to our car.cone flowersThere were some lovely gardens in front of the the resort,Desi on bridgecomplete with a pond and a bridgegazing at fish

where you could look at the carp in the water. water lily

There was pond ilieswaterfalls and even a small waterfall.

We finished our day watching and giggling over the movie Nut Job.  Desi had seen it before, so he filled us in on what was going to happen as we watched, much to Wes’ and my amusement.

Today, hopefully, the lighthouse.

One comment on “Kaleidoscope”

  1. Sounds like another great day with Desi!


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