From Different Vantage Points

By: Jill Finger

Aug 24 2015

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Focal Length:50mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

We didn’t plant cosmos this year.  What came up in the garden are self-seeded from last year’s crop.  We had decided not to plant them as the stems grew really tall last year and hung over the path, making walking it difficult.  The few that came up don’t hang over, like they’re trying to show us they can be good.  I have changed my mind and will plant them again next year, mainly because they’re so pretty. cosmoI took the same flower from different angles.cosmoIt’s neat how moving around gives different backgrounds and changes the whole look and atmosphere of the pictures.cosmoThis was the last one I took, angling up from underneath the cosmo.  I didn’t notice the ants on the stem until I downloaded the pictures.

I missed a couple of days of posting last week.  We had Desi here all week and various other grandchildren/great nephews and great niece on various days.  I took many pictures some days and other days, I never even thought about it.  Being busy was part of it, but sometimes, it’s good to live in the moment and not worry about documenting it.

 Desi and I both cried when they left yesterday afternoon.  I’m hoping he comes back really soon.

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