More 6 Inch Blocks

By: Jill Finger

Aug 25 2015

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churn dash

With Desi here all last week, and the other little grandkids in and out at random times, I didn’t get much time to sew, except for the half hour or so in the early morning before everyone else woke up.  On Monday, we just hung out at home.  Wes caught up on paperwork and I spent some time picking out fabric, cutting and, of course, sewing.

The top block is called corn and tomatoes and the second one is churn dash. chicken foot

This block is called chicken foot. spools

Spools.  And I just realized the green check looks like an optical illusion. It’s kind of dizzying. canning jars

This last one is called canning season.

I have fabric picked out for two more blocks and, in perusing a quilting book, I also picked out my next project.


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