Unexpected Gifts

By: Jill Finger

Sep 26 2015

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Focal Length:4.12mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 5

pearl braceletDuring the summer, Bonnie and I sorted through a lot of our Mom’s stuff.  We are done with the impersonal stuff and have donated her clothes.  Still to be sorted is a huge amount of pictures, jewelry and the more personal stuff that we just couldn’t bring ourselves to do yet. One of the things I brought home already was a bag of embroidery floss.  Mom used it sew on buttons and do small clothing repairs, as it is very sturdy thread.  She had lots of colors and I knew I could add them to my stash of embroidery thread and they would get used. I never opened the bag, just put it in my sewing room.

Yesterday, I was doing a bit of straightening around my sewing area found the bag of thread.  I dumped it all out and sorted the colors.  There were a few other items in the bag too–a very old and dull seam ripper, which I tossed, some elastic in black and white which I saved and some jewelry.

There was a pretty purple stone necklace and a stretchy pearl bracelet. Mom and I shared a love of purple and a love of bracelets. snowman pin

I also collect snowman pins, wearing a different one every day in December.  The little heart on this one made my heart melt. teapot pinThe last thing I found was this teapot pin.  Mom loved teapots and I have two that were hers that I use all the time.

I cannot begin to fathom why these particular pieces of jewelry were put into the embroidery floss bag

Last summer, Bonnie was doing some organizing of a cabinet and posted this on Face Book:

“I have a large cabinet filled with cookbooks and recipes, so I decided to clean and organize. What I also found was classwork and artwork from my kids when they were in elementary school. And I found lots of recipes from my mom. She would write them out in her beautiful handwriting, credit where she got them from ( Aunt Edie, Aunt Susie, Farm Journal), date them, and stick little heart stickers on them. It feels like a hug.”

Bonnie, I’ve just been hugged too.

2 comments on “Unexpected Gifts”

  1. I love this.


  2. It’s like a birthday present from Mom!!❤️


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