Birthday Road Trip

By: Jill Finger

Oct 04 2015

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Focal Length:4.12mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 5

wreathWes and I were supposed to go to Cape Cod this weekend.  We postponed the trip when we heard how awful the weather was supposed to be.  And then the  weather wasn’t awful, at least for us.  Cathy asked me if I’d like to do a mini shop hop and go out for lunch to celebrate my birthday.  We drove to Chatham, intending to visit the quilt shop Foofsique, but first we made a  stop in a little store called Crow Cottage.  Crow Cottage sells primitive, country and vintage items.  The store is full of fall and Halloween decorations along with all other kinds of decor.witch's bootsWe spent a happy hour wandering around, and even though the store is small, I know we didn’t see everything. I love the witch’s boots in this display. samplerThis framed embroidered piece shared a lovely sentiment. sunflower pillowThis wool applique sunflower pillow would brighten any room.birdhouse displayWe had to remember to look up. There was lots of stuff hanging from the ceiling. window wreathHow simple, and yet what a lovely way to decorate a window. sunflower treeWe asked at Crow Cottage where there was a good place to have lunch in town and immediately were told Yanni’s, which is a few doors up the street.  This sunflower tree grows in Yanni’s yard.  I have never seen such a large sunflower.sunflowerThis sunflower greeted us as we walked up on the porch.  We had a delicious lunch: salmon/whitefish burger for me and a Reuben for Cathy accompanied by outstanding fries.  Too full for dessert, we didn’t even look at the menu (maybe next time), and continued on our way to Foofsique.  After shopping there, we drove to Log Cabin Fabrics in Selkirk and did more fabric shopping.  We are leaving on a quilt retreat on October 14th and wanted to make sure we had all we needed to sew for the entire weekend.  
Thanks so much Cathy. It was a wonderful day spent in wonderful company. It’s amazing how we never run out of conversation.

One comment on “Birthday Road Trip”

  1. Glad you had a fun day!


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