Natasha Stitches

By: Jill Finger

Nov 07 2015

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Focal Length:4.15mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 6s Plus

Natasha stitiching

Natasha spent the day with us yesterday.  She had run a slight fever the night before, had a cough, and just wasn’t feeling well enough for school.  I was embroidering some Christmas blocks before I put them together into a wall hanging and she was fascinated by the embroidery.  We looked on the computer for a simple flower design, after trying to draw one and not being able to get the petals even.  She picked out a flower,  redrew it three times on the fabric, added stems and leaves, and was in business.   We put her fabric in a hoop, threaded a needle, and I showed her how to sew a back stitch to outline the flowers.  She worked very hard for most of the afternoon, completing  the flowers, and started on the stems. By that time, she was getting a bit tired and her Daddy had arrived to take her and Andrew home, so we packed it away for Sunday when she’ll be here again.  She wants to finish the embroidery and make it into a pillow for her bed.  Hopefully, she’s now started on a rewarding hobby of hand stitching.

One comment on “Natasha Stitches”

  1. Awesome!


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