Paul’s Tractors

By: Jill Finger

Nov 09 2015

Category: Uncategorized


Focal Length:4.15mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 6s Plus

It’s been said that if you have three of something, it’s a collection.  In that case, Paul has a collection of tractors.  He parked them all outside (with Timothy’s help, I hear) on Sunday to take some pictures.  tractorsPaul belongs to a tractor club and does his own maintenance and repairs.  Each year the tractor club members ride in the 4th of July parade and it’s my favorite part of the parade.

 It used to be you would see tractors chugging along the road as the farmer moved from one field to another.  It’s rare nowadays to see an actual working tractor as most of the farms have disappeared locally.  I’m glad Paul and his friends are preserving this piece of American history, so at least, we can see them chugging along the parade route. 

3 comments on “Paul’s Tractors”

  1. The smiling cub cadet in the middle picture looks like it’s having the time of its life. 😀


  2. […] in November, Paul posed his tractors 0n the lawn and I took some pictures.  Now that’s it December, it’s time to pose a […]


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