Block Process

By: Jill Finger

Nov 13 2015

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Focal Length:4.15mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 6s Plus

what shall I choose?
I don’t have to tell anyone around here how gray and dismal it’s been for past few days.  Wednesday evening I realized I had no new pictures for a blog post.  Usually, when that happens, I can run outside and come up with something, but it wasn’t happening that night.  And then, all day Thursday it was gray and dismal, but I figured I could be creative with my sewing machine and that would give me a post for Friday. The best laid plans—–the foot pedal on my machine stopped working after sewing one seam.  I restarted the machine, cleaned it, jiggled the wires and then called the repairman.  He told me on my kind of machine,  where the wire plugs into the machine from the foot pedal, the wire sometimes goes bad.  Saturday, Wes and I are driving to Gloversville and, hopefully, he can fix it while I wait–at least that’s what he told me on the phone.  We’ll see.

Meanwhile, nothing was created for the blog post, except for this Welcome block, the last one I’ve sewn, which looks much better in real life, (the colors are truer).  I looked through the book and I have only TWO more to sew (along with the two that aren’t published yet)  and the quilt can be put together.  Whoo Hoo!!

I dumped out the basket of fabric to choose for the last two blocks.  This pile is what I’ve been working from for the whole quilt, a somewhat limited palettefabric selectionThe wooly sheep fabrics are picked out.  Sometimes I follow her fabric choices and other times I go off in my own direction.  From this picture, it looks like I matched her, but I totally didn’t. fabric selectionChosen fabrics for Winter star block. all cut, ready to sew2 little kits cut and labeled, all ready for sewing.

I will post pics when the blocks are done, but we’ll have to see what happens Saturday first.

One comment on “Block Process”

  1. Good luck Saturday!


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