Sourdough Bread

By: Jill Finger

Mar 30 2016

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Focal Length:4.15mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 6s Plus

Last Wednesday, when I took the sourdough class, I came home with starter. I took care of it all week, discarding some and feeding it on schedule. Tuesday was baking day, but first it had to rise 3 different times, after being worked with. It’s definitely not a process that can be rushed and the slow development of the dough only fed my excitement about making it.

Sourdough sliced

I followed the directions exactly, but will do it a bit differently next time.  The loaf came out denser than it’s supposed to, probably because there wasn’t enough steam in the oven.  But, There are air holes that are supposed to be there, and it tastes pretty good, but not as sour as I expected.  My next batch of starter is in the fridge, to be worked with after the quilt retreat. Each time I bake it, I’ll learn more. After all, what fun is it to be perfect the first time?

One comment on “Sourdough Bread”

  1. Looks good!


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