Little Helpers

By: Jill Finger

Apr 05 2016

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Natasha and Andrew spent Monday with Wes and me since school was closed.  Mid afternoon we bundled up to go outside, shovel the driveway and clean off the cars.  Natasha was a shoveling dynamo, working hard until the whole driveway was finished.

Andrew shovels

Andrew helped too, by shoveling the snow back into the driveway.  He also got his feet stuck in deep snow a lot, and had to be excavated.

We finished shoveling and went inside for hot chocolate with marshmallows and chocolate chip cookies.  Then, the plow came by again and the driveway bottom was plowed in. Natasha insisted on going back out to reshovel.  She was still working when Jonathan arrived to pick the kids up and he gave her a hand finishing. She said she loves shoveling and couldn’t wait to go home and work on her own driveway!

One comment on “Little Helpers”

  1. Natasha is a real go getter!


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