Rosemary/Olive Oil Sourdough

By: Jill Finger

Apr 20 2016

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Focal Length:4.15mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 6s Plus

 I’m getting more comfortable with the whole sourdough process and, as a result, the bread is coming out better. The crust on first try was so hard and tough that dunking it didn’t help.  Since then, we’ve increased the amount of steam in the oven, (Wes is a pro with the spray bottle)and the loaves are coming out much better, with a chewy crust, that is delicious.

The whole process of making sourdough is slow.  There’s lots of time in between working with the dough to do something else, so it’s nice to spend the day at home, getting odds and ends done, and all the while accomplishing something. And, when the end result is this good, it’s worth every minute.

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