Sunday at South Lake

By: Jill Finger

May 30 2016

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Focal Length:4.15mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 6s Plus

On Sunday, Wes, April, Timothy, Corey, Daisy, Desi, and I packed a picnic lunch and drove up the mountain to South Lake.  Timothy and Desi happily poised for a picture on a boulder. I didn’t notice they were holding hands until later.  It makes the picture absolutely adorable.

Pink flowers

By their shape and fragrance, these flowers are some type of honeysuckle.

Corey and Timothy

Corey and Timothy are scanning the trees for a Blackburnian warbler.Forget me nots

There was a carpet of forget me nots all over the park.

In the crocodile's mouth

Timothy and Desi posed in the alligator’s mouth.Timothy and April By the time we walked to the Mountain House site, there were rumbles  of thunder and the view was hazy, so it wasn’t worth trying to take landscape pictures. However, Timothy and April came out just fine and we did see an indigo bunting in the top of a tree.

It was a lovely afternoon at the, surprisingly uncrowded, park for holiday weekend and I hope it’s the first of many trips this year.

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