Hot Summer Day with Grandkids

By: Jill Finger

Jul 07 2016

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Focal Length:4.15mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 6s Plus

While Timothy spent the morning at day camp, Andrew, Desi, and Natasha made a tent over the dining room table.

Andrew loves cherries

Mid-morning is a good time to snack on cherries.


Lunch time.

Video game time
Right after lunch, we had a minor disaster. Desi tripped over the power cord to his Kindle and it fell from his hands , smashing on the floor. The screen is broken badly, with little flecks of glass coming off. It’s unusable and there was copious amounts of tears.  We have ordered a new one and he’s anxiously awaiting Friday’s mail.

Swimming and shivering

After a trip to the library, the kids cooled off in the pool, briefly for Andrew, Natasha,and Desi.  Timothy could swim forever–he never seems to get cold.

Late afternoon drawing session

Late afternoon drawing/coloring session. Shortly after this, Andrew and Natasha were picked up by Jonathan.

We had quesadillas for dinner and

Watching the popper

An after dinner snack of popcorn.

Busy day and early bed for everyone ( me included)

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