Cherry Tomatoes

By: Jill Finger

Aug 02 2016

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Focal Length:3.3mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPad mini 2

Yesterday, I picked the first two cherry tomatoes off the 8 foot tall tomato tree on our deck.Cherry tomato treeWes started tying up the branches on sticks in June.  He had to put in taller sticks and I had to cut more fabric strips.  There’s a awful lot of tomatoes on this tree and I hope they’re all as good as the first two.  ( I ate them both-Wes doesn’t like them)

Bento box lunch

We spent several hours, in Kingston yesterday, looking for lamps to put in our re-done family room. Maggie got herself tangled up in the cord of Wes’s desk lamp, bringing it crashing to the floor, and breaking it.  He did find a new one in Target, but I wasn’t as fortunate.  I need fairly strong lighting near my sewing machine and can’t quite figure out what to buy–a floor lamp? track lighting? a desk lamp? It’s surprising how many lamps say to only use 40 or 60 watts.  I definitely need stronger light than that.  We’ll keep looking.

Lunch at Komodo assuaged the hunger we worked up from all that (unproductive) shopping.  We each had a Bento Box special, which also came with Miso soup and salad.  Just the thing to recharge for more shopping.

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