The Other side of Fall

By: Jill Finger

Nov 03 2016

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Focal Length:4.15mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 6s Plus

Wes and I spent all day yesterday in the yard. He was manning the leaf blower and I was wielding a rake.

Full wheelbarrow

We cleaned up the leaves in the front and back yards, the flower gardens, and the disgusting ones around the perimeter of the pool. We also dumped all the dead potted plants and I dismantled my way overgrown fairy garden.


This stick, covered with slimy fungus was an interesting find but I was also glad I had gardening gloves on.

The last thing I did was to wash all the fairy garden fairies and decorative pieces with the hose. I also took off my sock and shoes and rinsed my Crocs with the hose. It was very pleasant standing barefoot in the grass (on November 2nd!) and feeling the cool sponginess. It’s supposed to be warm today, so I could probably walk barefoot again, but after today, when will that happen again?

At 5:30, as I walked into the house, I looked up and realized there is still a LOT of leaves left on the trees. Sigh.

One comment on “The Other side of Fall”

  1. What a team we make


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