Visiting Manhattan

By: Jill Finger

Nov 07 2016

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Focal Length:4.15mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 6s Plus

Wes and I drove to Queens on Sunday to visit Corey, Daisy, and Desi.  From their apartment, we took the subway into Manhattan to visit Bryant Park.  There’s a holiday store set up in the park that will only be there until early January.

Bryant park "stores"

The tiny stores are set up in rows in the park selling all kinds of items. There was jewelry, socks, puppets, books (new and used), scarves, and all kinds of delectable smelling food, which made us realize we were all hungry.

Street fair

We left Bryant Park and walked several blocks past a street fair, to a Chinese-Cuban restaurant that Daisy and Corey had picked out.


After lunch, we walked back to Bryant Park, enjoying these street musicians on the way.

3 generations

Daisy and I left the three guys to enjoy a pretzel and bird watch while we quickly checked out the rest of the vendors in the park.  In the little garden next to the table,  they counted nine different bird species hopping around.  Wes got so chilled sitting there that he bought a sweatshirt to put over the sweatshirt he was already wearing.  Daisy and I each bought a scarf as a cold wind picked up as the afternoon progressed.


The park isn’t fully decorated for Christmas, but there werethe round lights in the top picture and these trees that Desi posed near.
Marathon finishers

After leaving Bryant Park, we walked 17 blocks to Central Park, and saw some of the New York marathon runners heading for the finish line.


In Central Park, Corey and Desi climbed way up on the rock, just because they could.


The foliage in Central Park was still beautiful, especially when sunlit.

Encouraging sign

As we walked back to the subway, we passed more race finishers and lots of spectators cheering them on.  I had to snap this sign “We ❤️Jilly”


Last picture before boarding the subway, a lighting store gorgeously glowing.

A wonderful day spent with people I love.

2 comments on “Visiting Manhattan”

  1. Sounds like a fun day! Fun to look in all the shops!


  2. You got your exercise in too! Happy times!


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