World Trade Center

By: Jill Finger

Feb 05 2017

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Focal Length:4.15mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 6s Plus

Desi and I took the train into Manhattan to meet Daisy after work on Friday. She works two blocks from the World Trade Center and I hadn’t seen the new buildings or the memorial yet, so we planned to visit that and then go for dinner.  From outside, the new building is breathtaking.

Inside WTC

Inside,  it’s a commuter hub with lots of hustle and bustle.

Ceiling of WTC View of ceiling from inside.

There’s also a shopping area with some unusual stores and a few restaurants. One store, called Marbles, is a toy/game store with items I had never seen before.  We spent an hour there trying all the games with the help of the friendly, knowledgeable sales staff.

By then, it was dark, cold, and windy, but we braved the weather to visit the Memorial.  The names of every person who died is cut into the metal edge surrounding the fountains and pool.  I ran my hand over the names, feeling the presence or spirits of all those lives cut short.  I was shivering, but not just from the cold.

Ethiopian food

We reboarded the train for a 15 minute ride, then a 10 minute walk to an Ethiopian restaurant.  If you like, the food at your table is served communally. Daisy and I ordered the vegetarian platter, which came with an Ethiopian sourdough flatbread.  We tore off pieces of the bread and scooped up the different foods.  The food also has the bread under it on the platter which we also ripped apart and ate. The food was fabulous, some spicy, some mild and all wonderful.

On the train ride home, Desi fell sound asleep on my shoulder. We hated to wake him for the two block walk home, but he took it well, and tumbled into bed quickly.

Part of the fun of visiting Queens, aside from spending time with Corey, Daisy, and Desi is trying different foods. I hit the jackpot this week—Peruvian, Vietnamese,  Ethiopian, and, on Saturday, for lunch– the best pizza I’ve ever eaten.

I can’t wait to go back.

One comment on “World Trade Center”

  1. Sounds very interesting and tasty. Pictures of the WTC are beautiful. Had no idea how it looked inside. Thank you!


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