Lighthouse Amble

By: Jill Finger

Apr 29 2017

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Focal Length:4.15mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 6s Plus

On Friday morning, Wes and I took advantage of the lovely warm weather and walked to the lighthouse.

We ambled, examining all the spring growth.

There were ferns everywhere.

This pretty leaf glowed in the sun.

One of my reasons for taking this walk was to look for Jacks  in the Pulpit.  We had to hunt diligently, but ended up finding four.  Two of them were very small, so we may have been a bit early.

I don’t know what kind of plant this is, but I liked how the leaves unfurled from the center.

Tender maple leaves.

Delicate flowers on a low growing ground cover.

Wes talked to a birder who was leaving as we were entering the trail and found out where an eagle nest was across the river. With the binoculars, we were thrilled to see the eagle sitting on the nest.

Simple, uncluttered views make pretty pictures.

Walking back, we talked to a woman who had seen and photographed a large turtle on the mudflats. We could see the turtle swimming and hoped he would come back to shore, but in the half hour we waited, he stubbornly stayed in the water.  That was okay though, knowing he was there,  was enough.

One comment on “Lighthouse Amble”

  1. Nice photos! Lovely day!


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