Homemade Cheese

By: Jill Finger

May 03 2017

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Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 6s Plus

When Corey and Daisy were here a couple weeks ago, they took a quick trip into town to visit one of Corey’ favorite haunts–the used bookstore.  April had arrived early in the afternoon with Timothy and she accompanied them while Wes and I finished the birthday party preparations.  April came back with this new/used cookbook she had found, at a very reasonable price, in the shop. I have How to Cook Everything by the same author and use it a lot  After looking the vegetarian one, I decided I wanted one too, so I hunted on Amazon for a used one. It arrived on Monday and I’ve been reading it like a novel ever since.

One of the recipes is for making cheese and it intrigued me.  I bought a half gallon of 2% milk and heated it in the InstantPot. When it was hot, I added a quart of buttermilk, two pinches of salt,  and stirred.  Almost immediately, it separated into curds and whey.  I dumped it into a cheesecloth lined colander to drain off the whey, then twisted and squeezed the cheesecloth until the cheese formed a solid, dryish ball. I tied the cheesecloth tight at the top and tied it to a dowel to suspend over a bowl to let the cheese drain for 1 1/2 hours. At that point, it was ready to chill, but first we had to taste it.  It’s very yummy, especially with a dollop of homemade jam on top.   In the book, there’s several suggestions for flavoring the cheese. We intend to try them all.

One comment on “Homemade Cheese”

  1. My mother used to make that and they called it “pot cheese”. Only she made it from our cows milk.


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