By: Jill Finger

Oct 23 2017

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Focal Length:4.15mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 6s Plus

On Saturday, Wes, Corey, Daisy,  Desi, Timothy, and I went to the Festival of Scarecrows at the ruins of the Louw-Bogardus House on Frog Alley, right across from Deisings.  There were scarecrows and local elementary children’ s art, but what caught Timothy and Desi’s eyes were the animals from the Forsyth Nature Center. 

Timothy loved holding Cleopatra, the ball python.There was a reporter from the Daily Freeman there, and she snapped Timothy’s picture for publication in Sunday’s Freeman. (It was on page 10]Desi was,at first, hesitant to even touch the python, but eventually he held itand even wore it!Not to be outdone, I had to hold the python too.  Never having been up that close and personal with a snake, I discovered I loved how the snake felt (almost velvety) and moved (it felt like strong rippling muscles). Who knew that at age 65, I’d wear a snake!

2 comments on “Snake!”

  1. Gee Jill you have a snake scarf. I’m sure the boys had great fun.


  2. Gee Jill you could have a snake scarf. LOL The boys look happy holding the snake.


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