By: Jill Finger

Nov 26 2017

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Focal Length:4.15mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 6s Plus

On Friday, Wes, Corey, Daisy, Desi, Timothy, Natasha, Andrew, and I traveled to Yonkers to visit Legoland and celebrate Desi’s 8th birthday. There was lots for the kids to do, including two rides,  but first we walked through the room with lots of Lego sculptures built of New York City landmarks. The replica of Yankee stadium was designed as a pin ball game with the Yankees playing the Mets.  Andrew and Desi enjoyed playing “baseball.”Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade was represented by a turkey on a float and some balloons.King Kong adorned the Empire State Building. It was so tall, I couldn’t fit the whole building in the picture. The building portion of Legoland had huge bowls of Legos. There was a race track, so everyone tried to build a race car, which was a bit difficult as there was a shortage of wheels.  We did find some and Corey created a couple three wheeled vehicles that raced pretty well. Wes is helping Timothy search for wheels and other car parts. Natasha and Timothy are racing. The little cars sometimes went sideways and crashed into each other.  It was all fun and the kids rebuilt and then raced them again.Desi is racing with Timothy and Wes looking on.  

Natasha loved the climbing wall and made it to the top. We saw a short 3D Lego movie complete with real rain on us and there was a playground the kids climbed around on for a long time. /Timothy is intent on racing the motorcycle.All to soon, it was time to leave. Natasha kissed her new Lego friend goodbye and we exited through the gift shop.  Wes bought each of the kids a cup of Legos, each of them choosing  what they wanted in the cup from the bins along the wall.  They each had also brought some spending money of their own and  chose a remembrance of a fun day. Before going into the restaurant for dinner, we admired and snapped pictures of the huge Christmas tree.

I hope Desi liked his birthday treat. I know I enjoyed it!

2 comments on “Legoland”

  1. Not sure who had more fun the kids or the adults. Amazing place


  2. What a wonderful day.! Amazing the difference from when we were kids. Glad you all enjoyed Desi’s birthday!


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