Albany on Thursday

By: Jill Finger

Dec 01 2017

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Focal Length:4.15mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 6s Plus

When Wes mentioned he had a check-up appointment with his cardiologist in Albany on Thursday, I immediately started making plans of where we could go after the appointment. We don’t get to Albany that often so I wanted to take full advantage of the trip. (I feel a bit like an 1800’s settler—going to the big town once a year or so)

Our first stop was Trader Joe’s to stock up on a few things. The beautiful, but plain wreath for only $10 caught my eye. It smelled so fresh and I knew I could dress it up a bit.  The two pinecones came with it , but the bird nest, the decoration on top and the bow came from Joann’s, which was our next stop. 

I had seen several advertisements on Facebook for Penzey’s Spices and in doing some research into the company, I realized (1) I liked their politics and (2) there was a store in Albany at Stuyvesant Plaza, only a few minutes from the Joann’s.

We wandered all around the spice store sniffing any one that caught our eye. Each spice or blend had a tightly covered container just for that purpose. A couple made us both sneeeze too. I had heard that Vietnamese cinnamon is far superior to any cinnamon we can buy here and the sniff test proved that. It was fun, and if the spices are as good as they smell, we will be going back.

Of course, by now it was lunchtime, and sniffing the spices certainly whetted our appetites, so we crossed the parking lot to a little restaurant called Peaches, where we both had delicious sandwiches.

I can’t wait to plan our next trip to the big city.

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