A Week in Florida, Post 6

By: Jill Finger

Jul 10 2018

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Outside of the art museum that Bonnie and I visited, there was a small botanical garden. We started to walk through it, but realized that Wes and Paul would enjoy it too.  Nancy’s family was gone for the day. They watched the launch and then were planning on visiting the Kennedy Space Center, so the four of us had the day free. After a hot round of miniature golf, we went to the botanical garden.  Pictured above is Bird of Paradise. There were several ponds and they all had numerous turtles. More interesting flowers in varying shades. A cooperative dragonfly butterflies,a caterpillar, and the biggest grasshopper we’ve ever seen that posed on Bonnie’s foot were part of the sights at the garden. Wes enjoyed the meditation maze. The mosaic wall was inspiring (and now I want to create one)Bonnie and Paul posed for a quick picture. Being there’s no Dairy Queens around here, we took advantage of two different ones in Florida for lunch and yummy dessertsand enjoyed dinner at Joe’s Crab Shack with the whole gang to celebrate Nancy’s birthday, coming back to the beach house for cake and ice cream. ( I know, I know–two desserts in one day, BUT, we were on vacation!) That’s Nancy’s middle child, Zachary, hugging her and helping blow out the candles.

We had a wonderful time and I hope you enjoyed the highlights I’ve shared.  There was also lots of beach and pool time, a couple of boat rides, and dinner at  Laura and Todd’s house (the only cousins that live in Florida) on the last night. The vacation was a lot of fun, a lot of laughs, and a lot of food and drink. We are already planning to do it again next year.

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